Paige Turner Series

Paige Turner and her book club friends have lived a thousand lives through the characters of their romance books. But now they are ready for their own romantic adventures. However, life doesn’t always go according to plan. Through a series of crazy events, Paige and her friends find themselves and true love.

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Bluegrass Series

The world comes crashing down for a New York City attorney and her best friend as they witness some of the most powerful men in the country committing a terrible crime.  By chance, they end up in the small town of Keeneston, KY…  and they couldn’t have picked a better place to hide.

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Bluegrass Brothers

You’ve fallen in love with Keeneston and the Davies brothers, and now it’s time to get their stories. And there’s even a story for the dangerous and mysterious Ahmed!

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Bluegrass Singles

Your favorite side characters from Keeneston now have their own stories.  Catch up with the gang and get to know some of the future stars of the Bluegrass, too.

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Forever Bluegrass Series

A new generation has stepped forward to take the reins in Keeneston.  The sons and daughters of your favorite Bluegrass characters are ready to take on the world.  And the world isn’t holding anything back.

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Shadows Landing Series

Many from the other side of Marcy Davies’s family live in the coastal region just outside of Charleston, SC. Their small town has it’s own set amusing characters and adventures. This series will have a separate story line from the Bluegrass World, but an occasional character cross-over will happen when things get interesting.

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Shadows Landing: The Townsends

The town of Shadows Landing has been an exciting place for a few years, but now it’s getting kicked up a notch as Olivia Townsend’s family has moved there.

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Moonshine Hollow Series

There’s magic in the air as this series provides a new twist to Kathleen’s style. Come explore the small mountain town of Moonshine Hollow. But be careful, anyone you meet could end up being a witch.

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Web of Lies Series

The U.S. is shaken by the death of the President.  But the discovery of an anonymous group’s plans to seize power will test the nation like never before. Elizabeth and her covert team fight to uncover and neutralize the threat while their own lives hang by a thread.

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Women of Power Series

Running a major business has taught the Simpson women to protect against every possible threat.  But Elle, Bree, Allegra, and Mallory must now learn to love the men that compliment their strengths while things seem darkest.

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