Forever Burning

Release date will be August/September 2024

Forever Bluegrass #22

Colton Davies is living the ultimate bachelor life in Keeneston as the chief fireman. He should be enjoying every moment of it, but a strange feeling in his chest suddenly takes over whenever he sees his friend Cady dancing with other men. The urge to rush in and rescue her is almost overwhelming, but he can’t let himself get carried away. Cady has been his friend for years, yet Colton’s thoughts about her are anything but friendly. They’re burning hot, and he just can’t seem to shake them off.


Cady Woodson, the first female bourbon master distiller in Kentucky, has worked hard to earn her respect and start her own distillery. And she’d always had a crush on Colton. Who wouldn’t after seeing him on the cover of the Fireman’s Calendar? But he’s never given her more than friendship . . . until that one dance. Yet, with things going wrong at the distillery, Cady can’t afford to lose focus and battle for Colton’s attention. She’s not that kind of woman. As Cady tries to find out what’s behind the minor accidents at her distillery, one night changes everything.


Colton comes to Cady’s rescue, and the strange feeling in his chest turns into an inferno, igniting his determination to keep Cady safe. Even if they’re just friends, he can’t let anything happen to her. As they work together to find the source of these dangerous accidents, it’s not just their friendship but also their hearts and lives that are on the line. Can they solve the mystery before it’s too late?



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