What is the order of your books?

Kathleen Brooks Printable Book List

Bluegrass Series

  • Bluegrass State of Mind
  • Risky Shot
  • Dead Heat

Bluegrass Brothers

  • Bluegrass Undercover
  • Rising Storm
  • Secret Santa
  • Acquiring Trouble
  • Relentless Pursuit
  • Secrets Collide
  • Final Vow

Bluegrass Singles

  • All Hung Up
  • Bluegrass Dawn
  • The Perfect Gift
  • The Keeneston Roses

Women of Power

  • Chosen for Power
  • Built for Power
  • Fashioned for Power
  • Destined for Power

Web of Lies

  • Whispered Lies
  • Rogue Lies
  • Shattered Lies

Forever Bluegrass Series

  • Forever Entangled
  • Forever Hidden
  • Forever Betrayed
  • Forever Driven
  • Forever Secret
  • Forever Surprised
  • Forever Concealed
  • Forever Devoted
  • Forever Hunted
  • Forever Guarded
  • Forever Notorious
  • Forever Ventured
  • Forever Freed
  • Forever Saved
  • Forever Bold
  • Forever Thrown
  • Forever Lies
  • Forever Protected
  • Forever Paired
  • Forever Connected
  • Forever Covert
  • Forever Burning

Shadow’s Landing

  • Saving Shadows
  • Sunken Shadows
  • Lasting Shadows
  • Fierce Shadows
  • Broken Shadows
  • Framed Shadows
  • Endless Shadows
  • Faded Shadows
  • Damaged Shadows
  • Escaping Shadows

Shadows Landing: The Townsends

  • Face-Off
  • Targeted
  • Rescued

Moonshine Hollow

  • Moonshine & Murder
  • Moonshine & Malice
  • Moonshine & Mayhem
  • Moonshine & Mischief
  • Moonshine & Menace
  • Moonshine & Masquerades
Do you have a printable book list?

Yes! The first half of the document shows the books by series and the second half shows the chronological order of release.


Do you have a family tree for the Bluegrass characters in the Bluegrass books?

Yes, see below for the latest versions:

  • Click THIS LINK for most of the Bluegrass, Shadows Landing, and Moonshine Hollow characters
  • Click THIS LINK for the Davies family.
  • Click THIS LINK for the friends of the Davies family.
  • Click THIS LINK for the Forever Bluegrass families.
  • Click THIS LINK for the Shadows Landing family.
  • Click THIS LINK for the Shadows Landing Townsend family
Do you have more Bluegrass books on the way?

Yes.  I have a lot more planned.  The Forever Bluegrass series still has a few books left. Shadows Landing series is complete, but the follow up for the Townsend Brothers has already started. There will be other series related to these book worlds announced in the future.

How many books will be in each series?

The Women of Power Series, Web of Lies, and Moonshine Hollow series are now complete.

The Bluegrass, Bluegrass Brothers, and Bluegras Singles series are complete, but the universe has continued in the Forever Bluegrass and Shadows Landing series.  The exact number of books in these two active series has not been determined.

Will your books be available in audio and print formats?

Yes. Each of my novels and novellas are, or will be available in print and audio formats. Each takes a little more time to complete, but they will be done and posted on the website when available.

What events are you planning on attending in the near future?
Book Bonaza in Dallas, TX on June 13th-15th, 2024
Tickets are now sold out, but keep an eye on my social media page for a potential reader meet-up in Dallas.
Knockout Book Bash in Louisville, KY on June 29th, 2024
Tickets are now sold out, but keep an eye on my social media page for a potential reader meet-up in Louisville.
Do you have a store for branded merchandise?
The store is back!  Click below to find your favorite Kathleen Brooks merchandise. https://kathleen-brooks-author.myteespring.co/


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