Twas the Night Before Release

Twas the night before release, when all through the house
A single creature was stirring, repeatedly clicking her mouse.
The top literature blogs had been notified with care,
In hopes that many readers soon would be there.

My family was nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Keeneston danced in my head.
And I in my flannel pajamas with a warm, fuzzy throw,
Had just finished watching the night’s last show.

When out on nowhere there arose a tiny beep,
I sprang from my chair to steal a quick peep.
Over to the coffee table, I flew with a flash,
Tripping over the kids’ toys, I nearly fell on my… 😉

The light on my eReader began to glow,
Finally, the download had begun to show.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a beautiful Forever Bluegrass cover, that elicited a cheer.

With One A.M. approaching rather quick,
I knew in a moment I should read just a tick.
More rapid than the Keenston grapevine, it began like a dream,
And I whistled, and I shouted, and began to scream.

“Now Sienna! Now, Ryan! Now, Deacon and Sydney!
On, Zain! On, Mila! On Matt and Riley!
From the beginning of the book! To the end of it all!
I can’t stop reading. Asleep, I’ll never fall!”

My kids appear, their night’s sleep suddenly stalled,
Only to find their mother completely enthralled.
So back to their bedrooms, away they flew,
With a sugary snack, “Oh God, what did just I do?!?!”

And then, in a twinkling, I was back to the book,
The stories of the Bluegrass providing just the right hook.
As visions of characters began to abound,
I paused to make sure my kiddos were no longer around.

I ran to the cabinet to grab a libation,
It was time for my favorite release night tradition.
The Rose sisters’ special iced tea was easy to make,
Just some bourbon, sweet tea, and then give it a shake.

My eyes go wide! Oh, how I feel merry.
The warmth of the liquid, think tonight I’ll add a cherry.
The words blur and I realize it’s not even the booze,
I should have gone to bed hours ago for a snooze.

But I cannot shake the call of the Davies,
they’re the perfect gentlemen, surrounded by ladies.
The first family dinner with them is always a little rough,
Only because every newbie has to show they are tough!

And suddenly, I heard an alarm in the distance,
I shook it off, my mind filled with persistence.
Then what was that I heard my husband say?
Time for the children to get ready for their day?!?!

He spoke not a word to me, only flashed a smirk,
He knew he’d torn me away with a sudden jerk.
And as I strapped the kids into the car that morn,
I realized one was not there, so I laid on the horn.

I raced through the neighborhood with unusual haste,
For every minute away from the book felt like a waste.
I slow down just a bit, to avoid the dreaded ticket.
I debate on a shortcut through a field full of thicket.

But sanity reigns, and I continue on my way,
My lack of sleep already creating an interesting day.
With the day’s duties now done, I return to my books,
“Happy Release Day to you, from Kathleen Brooks!”

Forever Hidden comes out January 26th, 2016!

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