New Series – Web of Lies – October 11th, 2016

Dear Readers,

This has been a very exciting year for me, and I hope for you as well. The Forever Bluegrass Series has taken us back to Keeneston and will continue to do so on July 19th when Forever Driven releases. I am so thankful for all your kind notes about Keeneston and am happy to announce the next Forever Bluegrass book will be released early 2017. Cover and title reveal will happen next week after Forever Driven’s release! But today I’m very excited to announce what will happen between the two Forever Bluegrass releases.

Coming October 11, 2016, the first book in the brand new Web of Lies series! You’ve loved strong female leads like Annie, Bridget, Mallory . . . and now meet Elizabeth James, the new lead in Whispered Lies:

Government secrets are being sold and the newly-sworn-in President of the United States already feels out of options.  Without knowing the full scope of the scandal, the president decides to turn to the one person he knows he can trust—former FBI Agent, Elizabeth James. Her deep distrust of the system is rooted in her unfair discharge from service. Now she sees a chance to restore her reputation and send a message to those that would use their power to destroy others’ lives.

Elizabeth is ordered to do whatever it takes to end this criminal organization, but she’s also told that this is completely off the books.  Nothing can point back to the president until the entire network is dismantled. Elizabeth can only rely on her team comprised of a computer whiz and a former Air Force Pararescueman to get to the bottom of the leaks. Every decision could cost them their freedom . . . or their lives.

What Elizabeth didn’t count on was her heart becoming as entangled as the lies she tells to uncover the truth. With her heart now in the game, Elizabeth works on guarding those she loves as she dives headfirst into danger. Can Elizabeth follow the leads and take out the leaders of the secret group before the whole world is thrown into chaos?

As many of you saw from my social media pages, I visited Washington D.C. this spring. This new series was the reason for that trip. I toured D.C., the small town of Quantico, VA inside the Marine base where many government agencies have training facilities and headquarters, and interviewed FBI agents. The Web of Lies series is packed full of action, espionage, treason, and a small group of women the President depends on to operate secretly in a world filled with lies and betrayal. I can’t wait for you to experience Whispered Lies this October!



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